AWS Security Consulting


Securing Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers.


Identify and correct security concerns.


Improve the security and maintenance of AWS environments by developing, integrating, and implementing solutions.

Detection Engineering

Develop detection and monitoring solutions.



Scott Piper has a decade of experience in cyber security, having previously worked at the NSA, as a developer for commercial security products, and as the Director of Security for a startup. He now focuses on improving the security of AWS environments.

He holds all AWS Associate and Professional level certificates along with the Security Specialty certificate. He developed, CloudMapper, and CloudTracker, and continually feeds back his expertise to the community through open-source tools and blog posts.

Scott is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and works remotely for clients throughout the US.


An interactive tutorial/CTF to learn common AWS security mistakes.


A tool for visualizing, understanding, and auditing AWS environments.


A tool for advising on Least Privileges on AWS.