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Downclimb: Summit Route’s Weekly Infosec News Recap
2015.01.30 – 2015.02.06:


“Attribution is a blame game. It’s not about who did it, but who is best to blame. Ambulance chasing lawyers sue whoever has the most money, not who is most responsible. I point this out because while the U.S. “attributes” the Sony hack to North Korea, this doesn’t mean North Korea did the attack.” Robert Graham

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Security vulnerabilities in BMW’s ConnectedDrive

This is real car hacking. The author reversed the controller, extracted the cars keys in order to decrypt messages and then built a base station to unlock via SMS.


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  • Shellcheck: Analyzes shell scripts and detects possible problems along with identifying solutions.
  • If you provide a domain name to this site, it will check that it’s HTTP headers identify the correct security settings.
  • Shows what each part of a linux command means, including the different arguments.
  • .bashrc PS1 generator: Drag and drop the components you want to see on your command prompt

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