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There is a lot of news out there, making it hard for people to keep up. There is also a lot of bad news out there, making it hard to know what is important or even real. I write a news summary, but my interests (and hopefully expertise) are focused on topics relevant to defending tech companies, since my day job is to keep one secure. I try to remain unbiased, but I have a macOS fleet and use AWS heavily, so I tend to focus more on news there. There are a number of topics I don't discuss much, such as mobile or crypto (because I have no expertise there), general reverse engineering or memory corruption related exploitation techniques (because it's only the results of this work that impacts me), or anything Powershell related (because it tends to be just rewritten code from other languages).

I want to point out here some curated news summaries written by folks with expertise and interests in areas other than my own that you might find interesting. The links are to their latest posts.

Some news that isn't infosec specific that I like:

Some that I don't read, but many of my readers do: